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Le Parfait Super Terrines

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Ideal for pate, layered vegetables and the smaller sizes are fantastic for individual deserts. 


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Product Name Price Qty
Super Terrines 125gms
Super Terrine Jars 125gm - Pack of 6

Out of stock

Super Terrines 200gms

Out of stock

Super Terrine Jar 200gms - Pack of 6

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Super Terrine Jar 275ml
Super Terrine 275ml Pack of 6

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Super Terrines 350gms
Super Terrine Jars 350gms - Pack of 6
Super Terrines 500gms
Super Terrine Jars 500gms - Pack of 6
Super Terrines 750gms
Super Terrine Jars 750gms - Pack of 6
Super Terrines 1000gms

Out of stock

Super Terrines 1000gms - Pack of 6

Out of stock

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Le Parfait Super Terrines


Le Parfait Super Terrines are truly multifunctional preserve jars. If you are looking for a preserve jar capable of storing both , fruits, soups, jams but also meats or pates with some fat content these are ideal. Additionally the 125 gram and 200 gram sizes are increasing popular in Restaurants where they are used to serve individual portioned deserts such as; Chocolate Mouse, Tiramisu, Creme Caramel Conical in shape they are designed primarily for foods that will slide out of the jar. Available in 6 sizes from 125, 200, 350, 500, 750 and 100 gram It is always best to change the seal frequently especially after preserving. Remember to order spare seals when you order.


Le Parfait Super Terrine Jars
Size (gms) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Weight (gms)
125 70 70 299
200 75 85 314
350 85 95 425
 500 90   105  571
 750  95  135  666
 1000  100  170  766
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