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Le Parfait Familia Wiss Terrines

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The classic southern French method of preserving, the straight side design is ideal for preserving layered pates, meats and vegetables. Also fantastic as vintage flower vases, decorative candle holders and storage jars for around the home. Take inspiration from our Pinterest page.


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Familia Wiss Terrines 200gms
Familia Wiss Terrines 200gms - Pack of 6
Familia Wiss Terrines 350gms
Familia Wiss Terrines 350gms - Pack of 6

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Familia Wiss Terrines 500gms
Familia Wiss Terrines 500gms - Pack of 6
Familia Wiss Terrines 750gms
Familia Wiss Terrines 750gms - Pack of 6
Familia Wiss Terrines 1000gms

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Familia Wiss Terrines 1000gms - Pack of 6

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Le Parfait Familia Wiss Terrines


Popular in the South West of France Gold Top Familia Wiss Preserve Jars are world famous and synonymous with Le Parfait. Slightly cheaper than the metal clip top jars they offer an alternative type of closure when preserving.


Conical in shape they are designed primarily for recipes where there is some content such as meats or pates. When ready to serve simply pierce the Sealing Disc with the Le Parfait Opener. Sometimes placing the Terrine in a bowl of hot water for a short while will help contents slide out.


Manufactured in the Le Parfait factory near Lyon, the home of French gastronomy, not only are Familia Wiss Terrine Jars practical, but they also look fantastic. Each Familia Wiss Terrine comes with 1 Screw Lid and Seal Disc but remember always use new Sealing Discs and buy some spare Screw Lids.


Le Parfait Familia Wiss Terrine Jars
Size (gms) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Weight (gms)
200 70 70 155
350 90 80 239
500 90 95 295
750 90 145 400
1000 90 180 510


Thoroughly clean your Le Parfait Familia Wiss Terrine Jars. Best to use a soft brush bottle cleaner if possible, rinse and leave to dry naturally.


Prepare your food in accordance with the recipe. Never use frozen and use the freshest ingredients possible.


Immerse the Sealing Disc place on the rim of the Le Parfait Terrine Jar. You must use a new Sealing Disc every time.


Fill your Le Parfait Familia Wiss Terrine Jars with the food, as hot as possible to just below the rim.


Leave the contents to settle for a few minutes and then top up as necessary.


Make sure there is no food residue on the rim or disc. It is essential that the rim is totally clean. 


Place the Sealing Disc on the rim and screw down the Screw Lid tightly.


Place a tea cloth in a large pan with lid or pressure cooker and stand the jars on it, to avoid direct contact with the bottom of the pan and  wedge them tightly, using spare jars if necessary. Pour in hot water and bring to the boil, make sure there is enough water to completely immerse the Le Parfait jars secure the lid as normal. A pressure cooker is ideal for this process.


Carefully follow the time indicated  in your chosen recipe. Once the time is over, remove the pan/pressure cooker from the heat and cool naturally never pour cold water over the jars to speed up the cooling If using a pressure cooker do not release the valve too early.


Once cooled take out the Le Parfait Familia Terrine Jars and store them upright in a cool dry place away from the light.  Then once completely cooled, check that each one is perfectly airtight by unscrewing the Screw Lid.  The Sealing Disc must stay sealed to the jar and resistant to pressure.
If the Sealing Disc is not fixed or airtight once the Screw Lid is released it may be due to:
- Incorrect filling: too little or too much
- Unfinished heat treatment: not long enough and/or too low temperature.
- Lack of air-tightness: chip or stain on the edge or the lid.
- Old, used, deteriorated   rubber seal.
If any of these occur then it is necessary to repeat the heat process.


Once you have checked the vacuum is good you may choose to screw back the Screw Lid or leave off.


When opening, always make sure the vacuum is still good and lids have not become loose. If you are concerned then do not use the food.


To assist opening, use the special Le Parfait Opener to pierce the centre of the Seal Disc.


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