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Le Parfait Jam Jars

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Strawberries, oranges, pears or apricots, whatever the fruit of choice, create the most delicious jams and then store them in our Le Parfait jam jars for an indulgent breakfast!


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Le Parfait Jam Jars 385mls - Pack of 6
Le Parfait Jam Jars 385mls - Pack of 12
Le Parfait Jam Jar 645ml - Pack of 4
Cocktail Set - 30 x Le Parfait Jam Jars 385ml
Cocktail Set - 60 x Le Parfait Jam Jars 385ml
Free Standard Delivery
Le Parfait Jam Jars


Jams, marmalades and compotes are a fantastic way of preserving your soft fruit harvest. Serve up the taste of summer all year long.


Le Parfait Jam Jars are natural, fully recyclable, resistant, waterproof, and flavour-tight. Glass is the healthiest container and the best way to preserve the flavour of your creations.


Beautiful jars with 'Home-made' logo lids, these jars also make a fantastic feauture at parties. Decorative and practical the jars can be used to serve jams, sauces and even cocktails. Re-create your favourite cocktail and serve to all your friends and family in these tradtional french jars. Very on trend and guaranteed to wow your guests.


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Le Parfait Jam Jars
Size (ml) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Weight (gms)
340ml 80 80 170
385ml 70 110 240
645ml 80 150 315


  1.     Clean the jam jars and lids thoroughly with hot water and a disinfectant or detergent, or add a tablespoon of bleach per litre of water. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and let air dry. Do not wipe the inside.
  2.      Why not pick some fruits in the garden? Or you can also buy very good ones at the market or the greengrocer.
    Clean the fruits with warm water. Discard the mushy ones, stalks, stones, and cut into chunks if necessary.
  3.    In a stock pot, add the sugar.
    Weigh the fruits and the sugar according to the proportions specified in the recipe.
    Mix in the stock pot.
  4.    Put on a high heat and respect the cooking time. Depending on the fruits, the result wanted, the type of sugar, the use of pectin or not, cooking times may differ quite a lot.
  5.    Here is how to test the thickness of your jam. Pour a tablespoon of boiling jam on a cold plate, then incline the plate : the jam should flow smoothly without being too runny .
  6.   Finally, skim the jam and fill immediately in the Le Parfait Jam jars. Screw on the lids until perfectly closed and turn upside-down immediately. The result is called self-pasteurization.
    Always use new lids.
    If you are using jam pots (without lids) cover them when they are still hot with cellophane discs or when it is cold (12 to 24 hours after cooking) with paraffin. In both cases, carefully follow the supplier guidance.
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